A Quickie with DJ Tristan

Babylon Festival 2018

Want to make it big with no money? Do you wonder what life is like for one of the world’s biggest DJs? Itching to know what this world famous musician has on their iPod? We caught up with the incredible DJ Tristan ahead of his highly anticipated set at Babylon 2018 to find out!

D: What’s on the menu for your fans in 2018?

Well the diary is already full so plenty of parties, blasting around the planet having fun so hopefully see you on the dancefloor!

D: Someone who wants to create epic tunes like yours but has a super small budget to start with. What one piece of equipment day do you swear by? Do you use any free tools?

It’s amazing what you can do with a small budget these days. Essential tools are a laptop and Ableton Live; everything else is a luxury.

D: Do you have any crazy stories about fans (or haters)?

To be honest I’ve always had a loving and mutually respectful relationship with fans. No dramas – and fingers crossed it stays that way…

D: What’s your favourite location in the world to perform at?

On the beach in Goa, that’s where you’ll find the most freaky, psychedelic, full-power and international dance floors on the planet.

D: What do you think the biggest misconception about being a DJ is?

I would say to people who might be considering a career in music production not to be in any doubt that it is a tough road requiring dedication and years of work; also there is so much competition out there, so in order to succeed you have to fully commit.

I would like to add however that the psy scene is an amazing family and MOST of the DJs I’ve met are a cool and lovely bunch! Definitely a great life if you can make it happen.

D: Who do you look up to?

Without sounding corny, my wife Vanessa. She is the most amazing, free-spirited, open-minded, natural and loving human being I know


D: Described the moment that you stepped back and realised you’ve made it?

I would say my career has been a constant cracking at the coal-face – no mega breakthrough moments or big hits that propelled me to where I am now. Although I do feel like persistence and always loving what I do have paid off; and things have been really smashing it in the last 7-8 years. There have been innumerable moments where I’ve thought, “Holy shit… I am so incredibly lucky to be playing my music to these people and experiencing this vibe…” and at that point I’ve felt like I’ve “made it” in the sense of being a musician/artist/creative/party person.

D: What’s been the biggest challenge in your career?

The “having a family and a career” that involves a great deal of absence. Although in some ways that dynamic really works for our relationship.

D: Do you have an artist or genre of music your fans would be surprised you listen to?

Neil Young is my favourite artist and I listen a lot of folk rock music from that era. A fact people perhaps don’t know about me is that before Goatrance was around I was a Jungle DJ in the rave scene 1990-1992!

D: What are your thoughts on Aussie festivals?

Aussies have a particular sense of style, fun and humour that they bring to the dance floor which always makes the events a real spectacle to behold. I actually love arriving to Oz – every time I have a feeling of excitement and quality that is unique. I could certainly spend a LOT more time in Australia.


Keep abreast of DJ Tristan’s movements by following his Facebook page, or see him in the flesh at Babylon Festival!

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