Editor’s Letter: Why We Doof

How do we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, in the dark of the night, so cold that our nether-regions have gone numb, chatting to a complete stranger across a campfire about the mysteries of the universe? Why do we prefer to dance during the day, whilst others are at work, or at home, glued to the TV?

Why do we doof?

That seems like a strange question for me to be contemplating considering who is reading this magazine.  My guess is that most people will answer something along these lines: To see my friends, to connect with the earth, to dance, to have fun, to let loose or maybe all of the above. 

However, sometimes the motivation and the intention behind a doof can be swept away in the rush of fun and excitement or sadly enough, in politics or even greed, and we can easily forget why we are actually out there.

Recently, I began a search for one word that best described what I feel to be the most important thing about bush doofs.  It was difficult and I thought I was going to fail to find one, when it suddenly popped into my head. Although it may be strange, the best word I can find to portray this most sacred culture is “service”.  Our integral role to play in this world and especially at our escape into the bush is to be of service – to ourselves, to others, and to the doofing community.

Being of service to ourselves is the key to the rest of it all.  We must serve ourselves in the highest form – by loving ourselves.  How do we love ourselves? Keep our bodies and minds healthy, keep our souls healthy. Learn to be happy and joyous and forgive ourselves for past lessons (which you may call mistakes or regrets). Be true to who you are. Conquer ego.  Be the strongest possible person, so you may be that for everyone else. 

Which leads me to my second point: Doofing is about service to one another. It’s about putting others needs first.  If someone is hurt, we help.  If someone needs a hug and reassuring words, we give them.   If someone needs a smile and a game on the dance floor, we are up for it. Care passionately with all your heart and all your soul. Love one another for all the differences.  Give your energy to others and you will receive it back tenfold. 

And finally, we must remember:  We doof in service to our community.  Do what you can to make the community stronger and better.  Don’t take from it, but give to it.  If there is something you can do, do it.  If there is some help you can provide, provide it.  Help with preparation, help with clean up.  Got something that everyone will love? Bring it, wear it, light it up, or do it!  We are going to doofs for everyone else as well as ourselves.

Why do we doof? To share, to replenish, to dance, to celebrate, to honor, to be free and of course, most of all, to have fun and to feel good.

It is about sharing knowledge, stories, and lessons, about giving and receiving energy, about letting the music move our bodies. It is about celebrating life, this earth, and this universe, about honouring our ancestors, our friends, ourselves and life source itself.  It is about getting away from the confines of a power and greed driven society and truly being ourselves.  It is about being ecstatic on life, feeling the euphoria of playing and running wild with our imaginations!

We do this together; we do this for everyone else. It can’t happen without every single one of us. There is no ‘me’, there is only ‘us’. 

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