15 Doof Hacks

Make your doofing experience that much better with these nifty tricks up your sleeve.

1. Tweak your pluggers

Urgh, your only pair of thongs and that stupid plug pulled through the hole and now every 20 steps it pops out!

Solution: Use a bread clip over the plug to stop it pulling through.


2. Box your pooper paper

Not taking extra loo paper to a doof is a serious rookie error. And, bringing toilet paper that gets squished, dirty and unusable is also a bit silly!

Solution: For easy access and clean toilet paper, grab a suitable container, create a slit for the paper to come through and tie some cord from the lid to the bottom. Portable TP holder! 


3.  Bring your tinder!

If you aren’t Bear Grylls when it comes to the outdoors, you probably didn’t think about what your fire might need to get started.

Solution: Make easy fire starters by dipping a bunch of cotton pads into wax and hey presto, you have fire.


4. Let that funky little light shine!

Didn’t bring a torch and the nearest IGA doesn’t stock them or charges $30 a pop? Fear not!

Solution: Create a groovy lantern with a bottle of Mountain Dew! Empty about 3/4 of the bottle.  Ad about a 1/2 tspn of baking soda and three caps of peroxide.  Shake well and enjoy the glow!


5. Banish mozzies!

Hate those pesky mosquitoes, but they love you?

Solution: Chuck a stick of sage on the fire to keep them at bay.  Plus you’ll be able to keep those negative energies away and enjoy a beautiful aroma at the same time.


6. Amplify your phone by whatever means necessary!

The music has stopped but you’re still craving tunes and have no portable speakers. Devastation! … or not!

Solution: Grab a toilet roll and fashion a quickie speaker for your phone. It helps amplify the sound, not to mention how profesh it looks.


7. Pro-tick-t yourself!

Are you terrified of both ticks and the nasty ass chemicals in bug repellant?

Solution: For a natural tick deterrent, put 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts water in a spray bottle.  Spray onto shoes, socks and pant cuffs.  Note: This is only a deterrent, please still check yourself for ticks after a weekend in the bush.


8. Get the mood lighting on

Are you in the bone zone and desperate for some extra, non-offensive light?

Solution: Chuck your head lamp around a bottle of water.  It disperses the light and creates a great emergency lamp.

9. Occupy those kidlets for free!

Wondering how to amuse your little ones at the bush doof?

Solution: Keep the tykes occupied with a nature scavenger hunt! In fact, you could also keep your mindlessly chattering friends busy with this too. 

10. Bee prepared!

Did a bee give you a boo boo?

Solution: For a quick cure to a painful bee sting, rub an onion on the affected area.


11. Bring the herb

Like to cook delicious herb spice infused meals while camping, but can’t really afford the space to take your whole rack of spices?

Solution: Use old Tic Tac or Eclipse boxes for a small, easily stored amount of each herb.


12. Detangle, Clem Fandango

If you’re playing tunes at your doof, you most likely have a bunch of cords that always end up in a mess.

Solution: Use paper towel or toilet rolls for easy storage, quick access and no annoying tangles.


13. Invest in a dope hammock

Really want to relax after a good hardy jig on the dance floor, but there’s not a tree in sight for your hammock?

Solution:  Relax in style with these awesome car hammocks, a worthwhile luxury if ever we saw one!

14. Make that soap more a-peel-ing!

Hate lugging  around a soggy bar of soup?

Solution:  Use a vege peeler to peal soap leaves from a soap block!

15. Find your piece with ease

Found yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having lost that critical pipe piece in the grass?

Solution: Grab an empty glass bottle and start moving it around over the ground, eventually it’ll hit the piece and you’ll hear a loud TING!


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