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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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I appreciate nothing more than a true performance from an electronic music producer.  It is a rare thing and definitely not the norm from DJ’s to actually perform during their set.  A few arms movements and bobs doesn’t cut it for me.  BLiSS performs!  He not only creates amazing full on trance, but he entrances his audience with an absolutely killer, entertaining show – with his live guitar, awesome energy and interaction with the audience, he blows his fans away everytime.  Here is a small insight into this cool and kooky character in the lead up to seeing him at earthcore.  Man, it’s gunna be goood!

D: BLiSS is one of the most anticipated acts at earthcore, your fans are so excited to see you there, how do you plan to amaze your audience at this year’s event?

B: I am gonna stand on stage naked and hopefully they accept me as I am.

D: Haha, great response. Unless I’m mistaken, you’ve played at earthcore in the past, what was it like playing for an Aussie audience?

B: Yes I have in 2014. It was an amazing experience full of lovely memories.

D: What was the thing you liked most about earthcore Festival last time you where there?

B: First off all the crew is super professional and friendly. I felt all my needs were met, but the thing I liked the most was the definitely the crowd.

D: What are you looking forward to most about performing at earthcore Festival this year?

B: I am looking forward stepping on the Main stage and doing what I love doing.

D: How do you feel about the Australian Doof and electronic music festival scene?

B: I feel it has evolved immensely the last few years. It has reached a larger audience, more than ever before, the organizations have become much more professional and I think the crowd has a broader age range now.

D: How does Australian doofing compare to other countries festival culture attitudes?

B: Australian doofing is like no other. I think you Aussies really like to be outdoors, getting all dirty feet with funky vibes and spreading love everywhere. I really enjoy that.

D: Any chance that we will get to hear some new tunes from you at earthcore?

B: Definitely yes. Some new stuff coming.

D: Are we going to get to see your face among the crowd at the event or do you have to flitter off to more performances

B: I am planning on doing both. I hope the earthcore crew will give me that pleasure 🙂

D: Earthcore is varied and unique in its musical genre and overall style, if you could see ay act at the event, who would it be?  

B: Boris Brejcha

D: Tell me about the outlook for the future, plans for future tours and musical progress for Bliss?

B: The only thing clear about my musical journey and progress is trying to do things from the heart. I have a group of good people surrounding me and assist me in making the right decisions, thus moving forward as time goes back. As long as I keep moving, I am happy.

D: Could you share your best party trick and will you perform it for us at Earthcore?

B: I will move my left hands middle finger on the guitar faster than Ron Jeremy in the 70s.

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