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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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In the lead up to Tropical Bloom, Dreamland had the very honour of getting to have a Q & R with Si from Wild Marmalade and it is definitely clear to us now how their tunes are so funky fresh and connected.  An earthy, mindful and cool soul, Si gives us a little insight to the inner workings of Wild Marmalade and himself. We can’t wait to see them at Tropical Bloom, as Si summed it up beautifully: “Free thinking musical medicine is what we deliver.”

D: We are massive fans of the pumping beats and rhythms Wild Marmalade provide us and we can’t wait to see you at Tropical Bloom 2017- what can we expect from your performance at this amazing event?

Si: We empty our minds before we play and enter a space where we have no expectations and are sensitive to the environment around us, to the quality of the air, the humidity, the people present the energy of the land. It’s from this place that we join ourselves with the environment through the medium of music and vibration. People can expect the unexpected!!!! We have Ben Walsh on the drums, to me he is the most amazing musician that I know. The beats will be epic!

D: What are you looking forward to most about performing at Tropical Bloom 2017

Si:I love playing up in the northern parts of Australia where didgeridoo was traditionally played and it is woven into the environment up there. It’s an honour to come and play up on these traditional lands. I love festivals, if I could live full time in one I would. I seriously can’t wait to have a good dance particularly looking forward to Grouch I’m a fan he’s been an inspiration for some of my synthee style didge tones!!!!!

D: Where do Wild Marmalade draw most of their inspiration from?

Si: We are free spirits that draw inspiration from countless sources. Personally, as we are individuals it so hard to speak for the others, my first point of inspiration is the natural world. The way the waves roll in to the shore, the way cicadas pulsate and move in a three dimensional way when you listen. Musically I am inspired by traditional cultures of the world, in particular I love and study flamenco. Finally I like to go out dancing and shake it on the dance floor. Favourtie DJ is Opiuo. He’s kicks it.

D: Any chance that we will get to hear some new tunes from you at Tropical Bloom?

Si: Well if you heard anything we had ever played before it would be a sheer miracle. We never play the same set twice. We don’t have songs or structures. We are totally improvised beginning to end. We have no idea about the set at all. Ever. Does that answer your question?

D: Tropical Bloom is varied and unique in its musical genre and overall style, if you could see any act at the event, who would it be? 

Si: Definitely want to see anything Grouch does. Love the glitch little sounds he makes. We crossed paths in Europe at Boom and Ozora and hung out a little here and there. Also Lubdub, Ganga Giri and Old Man River. All friends of mine!!! I love my friends!!!!

D: Are we going to get to see your face among the crowd at the event or do you have to flitter off to more performances?

Si: I’ll be there as much as I can. When in the party partay!!!! We play in Europe the following weekend so I probably won’t be there for as long as I would ideally like tho!

D: You play the didgeridoo in such a funky manner,  was this a style you learnt or that you developed yourself?

Si: I was inspired in India to play didgeridoo. I had a peak experience on a beach called Aum Beach. From the cosmos I realized a method for playing didgeridoo and I quit my studies of medicine and took up didgeridoo playing as my life path. I’ve really focused on finding my own way. Musically thought I have I mainly studied drumming, Though with regards to didgeridoo playing, DjaluGurruwiwi from North-East Arnhem land is for me the master player. I’ve stayed with him and studied traditional Arnhem Land style. He is the master!

D: Do you have a favoritesong that Wild Marmalade has created?

Si: Yes. It’s called Intention. It’s a smasher from our first Album, Wild Marmalade Live. It’s got that James Brown nailing the one thing and we are fully psyched I can hear it!!!

D: Tell me about the outlook for the future for Wild Marmalade, plans for future tours and musical progress?

Si: Wild Marmalade now has many members. It’s improvised music so we don’t need to rehearse at all. Rehearsal will be catching up with everyone and talking about our lives and how we all are. At the Sydney Opera House last year we played as a 7 piece band, It was so fresh and different. For me it’s more about enjoying the time that I have with my friends and doing what we love to do together. Musical progress will be measured by how much fun we have and how much we enjoy it. That is progress. Hahaha. Free thinking musical medicine is what we deliver.

D: What is your best, most hilarious or most embarrassing musical career anecdote?

Si: I do have this moment but I would need another hour to deliver it and give it justice! I got a date,  so I gotta go. Just find that funny place in yourself and chuckle at all the potentialities of what it could have been. Love yas!

D: Could you share your best party trick and will you perform it for us at Tropical Bloom?

Si: Ah well I can go psycho on the dance floor. If you vibe me up enough, I’ll do it!!!

D: Favourite all time song?

Si: Mercado Persa – it’s a flamenco song. Good luck finding it!!! haha

“Have you tried smashing a few cones?” doesn’t usually sound like the kind of advice a responsible person would give to their mate.

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