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Dreamland recently got the chance to get down with CC:Disco! ahead of her set at Strawberry Fields Festival. The iconic Melbourne based Disco DJ is well known for her own radio show Smoke and Mirrors every Friday night, club night; Club Coco and belting disco tunes. Get to know a little bit more about the Queen of Disco before you hear her magic at Strawberry Fields.
D: Can you tell us a little bit about how CC:DISCO! came to be?
CC: It took a long time to come about but one day I was sitting in a bar watching DJ MAFIA when I first moved and I remember saying fuck I just want to do this and had been practicing and making mixes, doing radio shows and the next day made a blog and started sending mixes and then it came from there about 8 years ago.
D: You are a woman of many talents – Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?
CC: I think for me music was always a release/escape and I think it’s like that for most people but most of my inspiration now comes from the dance floor and doing radio, the feeling of connecting with people and seeing them smile is what really inspires me and makes me so happy. The music is always going to be my biggest inspiration always.

D: To date – what has been the biggest career highlight?
CC: Playing festivals is basically the biggest career highlight for me, I used to dream about it so much in my room playing records and just always pictured my room being a festival, so weird but so amazing that I’ve been lucky enough to make it a reality, always just pinching myself still.
D: What has been your most hilarious career anecdote?
CC: Taking my dad to festivals or clubs. My dad, a cowboy, who had not idea about my job and thought I played weddings. Watching him come to boney 6am to watch me play was one of the funniest things ever, then him just dancing at strawberry fields on his own in cowboy hat a couple of years was priceless.
D: What is your all-time favourite disco track to play to get the dance floor going?
CC: Tangerue -Doin your own thing
Honestly this is biggest disco tune ever and I never get sick of it but what to follow it with is always the hardest choice of your life hahaha it’s so wild nothing can compare to it.
D: You have played on the same stages of some pretty incredible talent, what has been your most memorable gig?
CC: mmmmm let me see, Strawberry fields 2016 ay! Anyone there would know what happened but mother nature was not happy and wiping out the whole stage was another level. 2 mins it took as well… was one of most stressful/amazing moments of my life. very happy I lived to tell the tale.

D: In addition to travelling the world, hosting your own radio show and making sweet music, you also own your own night, Club Coco, can you please tell us a little more?
CC: Club coco is my little baby, it’s about one thing. Having a good dance. The main focus music wise is Disco, Modern Soul , Boogie and house and it’s been great to pay respects to people who have inspired me such as Rahaan , Mark Grusane , Frank Booker who have all come from OS to play. Such a loving great crowd, couldn’t ask for better people to attend.

D: What are you looking forward to most about performing at Strawberry Fields 2017?
CC: 2017 marks my 5th year playing SF and every year has been so different, I’ve played the main stages 3 times and this year I’m playing at the beach for 6+ hour with my boys Chico G and Simon TK. This year I get to play all the amazing records I don’t get to play out on the dancefloor, I’ve been ripping records for weeks now in prep so dust and wind don’t effect the set…. . BUT Come 4pm it will disco, modern soul and belters coming your way. We want to give you something you won’t be finding at other stages and just want to make you feel real good by the river.

D: You have played at many Australian festivals over the last few years, how does Strawberry Fields compare to other festivals in Australia?
CC: SF will always be special to me because that where I grew up and it’s also the first festival to give me set. It’s a special one and I love seeing how much its grown as well. It’ got a great vibe and to me it doesn’t compare to any others as it’s its own empire really.
D: Last year at Strawberry you played through a storm, what other fantastically wild things do you have in store this year at Strawberry?
CC: Hopefully not that, although rain is always such a vibe at a festival. Just good music, good vibes and smiles and special 3 way b2b with two of my fav DJ’s.
D: You spent a few months in Europe earlier this year on tour, can you tell us a bit about that and the differences between Australia festivals and European festivals?
CC: They are pretty different but really depends on which ones you go to, my fav site in the world for festivals is TISNO, Croatia but some of the ones I’ve been in UK/EU have really bad sound restrictions and we are so lucky here to not have that as bad here, it was real eye opener seeing how much sound makes a vibe. WE HAVE AMAZING FESTIVALS HERE NEVER TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED.
D: What does the future for CC:DISCO! look like?
CC: Summer is looking amazing, very thankful for what’s coming up. Early next year I tour Australia again and put out a Australian music compilation,  then it’s off to UK EUROPE again ….. I can’t wait to share some of these gigs with people soon, BUCKET LIST shit coming up. Stay tuned.
Strawberry Fields
17-19 November 2017
Tocumwal, NSW
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