Illuminating Lucy Illume

Lucy Illume restored my faith in trance. After a few years of increased suspicion that psychedelic trance was slowly decaying from what it once was, I discovered Lucy via soundcloud and up until today, she is probably the best artist I have found on the musical hub. Her music is built around strong bass and kicks with lyrics that send you flying.
Inhale what is coming forth. Knock off what these disillusioned earthlings call barriers, routine, boundaries.Who are we to say deem or push what this is. Or not. This is an infinite puzzle. What we are seeking is just but one inch of a corner of what is about to drop. – Eloquent Nature by Lucy Illume
Lucy began writing music four years ago, at the age of 17. Starting at her first gig, she has only played music that she herself produced. After months of being a dire fan and playing tracks on repeat, I finally had the pleasure of attending a doof party that she played at. I knew her music was great, but on the cranking system…wow. Her tunes are intellectual, lyrical, fascinating and magical. Her skills as a DJ however, need improving (mainly beat on beat mixing and the flow of the set). Lucy is the first to admit it and said that she is working on her DJ skills any chance she gets.
Lucy’s music also resonates her persona. Much to my surprise and delight, during her set, I recall seeing her leave the booth, approach a guy that was sitting slovenly next to the dance floor and make sure he was alright. Only after he reassured her that he was, did she skip back to her booth. It is this lead by example attitude that makes our community stronger. When asked about her musical beginnings it made sense that Lucy would act in this way. “I know dark.” She said. “I was a troubled teenager and I know what it is to feel down and to be bullied. I always felt helpless to change anything. Only when I discovered my passion for music and my ability to make a difference in the world and influence it through music, did I find my relief”.
Among her music influences Lucy recalls Tetrameth, One tasty morsel, Jekyll, Sensient, Sensual Squeak, Anatomous Audio, Lost Keys, Legacy, Deftones, Grouch, U-Reckon, Cujurious one, Serious, Porn collector, Kremular, Tron, Sensual squeak, Reactant and many many more.
With a new digital EP out on NoQualms Records, Lucy has her eyes set on releasing a CD by the end of next year. Also on the cards is a trip to Brazil to play her tunes, representing the label she newly signed to, Maia Records.
“I plan to do this forever” She summarises “The Psychedelic culture saved my life. It is my medication and I am sure there is a deeper purpose to all of it”.

Writen By – Eitan @ Spiritual Beings

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