A Quickie with Infected Mushroom: Take 2

D: What are you guys hoping to bring to the table at Earthcore 2015?

IM: We never hold back, so expect a solid session of psy-madness…

D: What are you most looking forward to about Earthcore?

IM: We love the Aussie crowds and we are excited to be back there rocking it for them again. They go nuts, and we enjoy that.

D: How do you feel about the Australian Doof and electronic music festival scene?
IM: We feel like this scene is one of the strongest in the world. Incredible venues; crazy fans; great food and beer. What can we say… We love it down undah.

D: How does Australian doofing compare to other countries festival culture attitudes?

IM: Well, any time there is some nature or outdoor vibe, everyone seems to enjoy themselves. But I’d say Aussie doofing is quite strong. May the doof be with you!

D: What do you believe makes for the ideal festival?

IM: Lots of girls, good sound & production, lots of beer.

D: You guys have a fairly broad range in terms of musical style – do you think you can label your tunes under one genre?

IM: That’s tough, I suppose we could create one: Eclectic-Rock-Trance

D: Tell me about your outlook for the future, your plans for future tours.

IM: We are constantly touring, and always working on new music… With the successful release of our latest album, Converting Vegetarians 2, we are excited to start playing more ‘almost acoustic’ shows, which means more chances to see you soon!

D: Share with us your plans and progress with your next album or compilation?
IM: We might work on a new ‘Friends on Mushrooms’ EP, or start on a new album. We’ve also been working on making our own music production plug-ins.

D: What’s better rhythm, melodies, harmonics or BASS?

IM: They are all important. Melody drives the soul of a tune though, so I would pick that.


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